Friday, April 22, 2011

Someone at Lettering Delights Liked My Project!! Also, Additional Easter Savings at LD!!!

I just looked at the latest newsletter from Lettering Delights and noticed a picture of my Easter bunny treat bags staring back at me!!!  I am so excited that someone at Lettering Delights liked my project!  I know this isn't super exciting news, but doesn't it feel good when this happens?  Just like it feels good to read all of the lovely comments from all of you, my wonderful followers and friends.  You are terrific!  I truly enjoy visiting your blogs, and I am so happy you are here supporting me and fueling my crafty talents!!

Here is the excerpt from the LD Newsletter:
Also, if you haven't shopped DOLLAR DAYS at Lettering Delights yet, you may want to hurry.  This sale ends on April 28th.  As an added perk (and I am sure to motivate us to buy), Lettering Delights is offering additional Easter savings as well.  Take $10 off a purchase of $25 or more!  At checkout, enter coupon code: easterbasket.  Click here to shop now!  While you are there, grab the Lettering Delights Friday Freebies too which are available here and here!  Enjoy!

I wish you all a happy holiday weekend!                                                


  1. I totally thought u knew! You did fantastic on your bunnies and you showed how one can make these so unique! We're LD cheerleaders:)

  2. Congrats on being featured! That's pretty cool! That craft blogging community is awesome! :)

  3. How can that not be exciting news??????? I would be so thrilled!!!! COngrats!

  4. I love those bags! Everything in the newsletter is top-notch-great job!! How exciting and well-deserved for you, girlie!

  5. What a great exciting!!! Congrats!


  6. Oh wow! That is exciting! Congrats! All your hard work is being noticed! Yay! Those bags were adorable!