Sunday, June 26, 2011

Print and Cut Out a Digital Stamp Using Sure Cuts A Lot!!! Tutorial Included!

Did you know that you can print a digital stamp using Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) and then cut it out using a shape or SVG in SCAL?  See an example of a project where I did this below.  Pretty cool, huh?  No physical stamp required!!!  The SCAL tutorial I have listed below, will show you how to do this! 

If you are not familiar with what a digital stamp is, it is a stamp that you print from your computer versus using a rubber/clear stamp.  Digital stamps are usually a JPEG or PNG image.  Many sites offer digital stamps for a fee and/or for FREE!  Free Digital Stamps is one of my favorite sites!

Sure Cuts A Lot Tutorial:  Print and Cut Out a Digital Stamp Using SCAL*
1)  Upload the digital stamp into SCAL by clicking on Place Image. 

2) Then select the file and click Open.  Note: The image will be huge as shown below.  If the image does NOT load into SCAL, you may need to change the file format.  Using the Paint application, open the image, than save it as a JPEG image.

3)  Resize the digital stamp/image to the desired size by adjusting the width and height (circled below).
4)  Add a shape or SVG to the mat.  To add a shape, select a shape from the Shape Library in SCAL.  To add a SVG, click on the +SVG icon on the toolbar (circled below).  Then locate the SVG on your computer and click Open.

5)  Resize the shape/SVG and place it around the digital stamp as desired.  This will be where the stamp will print and where the shape/SVG will cut.  Note: You may want to move the shape/SVG behind the digital stamp so you can center it easier.  To rearrange the layers, right click on shape/SVG and select Arrange-->Send to Back. 
6)  Delete the shape/SVG by clicking on it, then pressing your delete button on your computer's keyboard.  Only the digital stamp should be showing on the mat.  Note: Make sure you do NOT save
7)  Connect your USB cord so that it is connected to your computer (SCAL) and your printer.
8)  Place your paper so that it is snug against where the paper feeds into the printer.

9)  In SCAL, go to File-->Print.  Note:  Make sure your printer's properties are set to print color if necessary.  Click Print.
10)  Click the undo button in SCAL so the shape/SVG returns to the mat.
11)  Delete the digital stamp from the mat so that only the shape/SVG is displayed on the mat.


12)  Remove the USB cord from your printer and attach it to your die-cutting machine.

13)  Place the sheet of paper at the furthest corner of the mat and make sure your printed digital stamp is face up and placed in the same corner and direction as shown on the mat in SCAL.
14)  Load the mat into your die-cutting machine.  I use a Cricut and make sure the mat hugs the left-side when loading.

15)  Click the Cut button in SCAL (circled below).

16)  The SVG should cut around the digital stamp as shown below.


*This tutorial was developed using SCAL2; however, it should be relevant for SCAL3 as well.

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  1. I just got SCAL a few weeks ago and just started using it to make cards and scrap book pages. This tutorial is fabulous! I have learned so much and have printed it to have in my folder for future reference. Thank you so much for doing this! Keep them coming!

  2. Oh Melanie, you just mad me one happy camper with your share. I absolutely love it. Thanks so much for sharing this information and tutorial. I have had my SCAL2 software for over a year, might be nearing 2 and haven't used it. Hugs, ~Shen

  3. I have been wanting to do print and cut.

  4. Hi Melanie,

    Love your tutorial! I finally got a chance to come over to your blog! I'm now a new follower.

    Cher's Creative Studio

  5. Ahhh thank you for explaining this to me! I've always wondered how to use those digital stamps. Would you mind if I refer your tutorial on my blog if I happen to design some digital stamps?

  6. What a fab idea and tutorial. So crafty clever. :)

  7. Melanie, this is such a good tutorial! I have been pondering whether or not to use SCAL, but now I think I might give it a go! The end result is so beautiful....

  8. Mel!
    Thank you for your tutorials.
    Are of great help to me!
    May God bless you for being so generous!

  9. Thank you for this info. I have not tried it yet but will when I go home next week. Because this is what I like to do.

  10. are amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing this is so easy to follow and you are right on!
    I just tried it and it works perfectly!
    Thanks so so so much :)

  11. Great tutorial...SOMEONE needed to do one! I wish it was easier with scal however. I do use the layers window, this makes it a little easier when you just use the eye on/off option.
    I'll be getting MTC soon with a new cutter so I'll be learning ALL over again!