Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Dining!

It is a beautiful Sunday night in Minnesota.  The air is cool and smells of chimney smoke.  I just love the Fall and I am so so so excited that Halloween is tomorrow!!!!  Aren't you??????  I am not planning to do anything other than enjoy the Halloween charm of my home while watching a scary movie!  What are you planning to do? 

Since I haven't shared any craft projects in a little while, I thought I would share how I decorated my dining table for Halloween - I just love how spooky it is with the lights on low!!!  I layered 3 strips of 6" burlap to make the runner.  Do you recognize the witch's hat luminary I made???  The legs are hidden under the hat, is just looked better this way on my table.  We just finished remodeling the main level of our home so decorating for Halloween has never been more fun for me!  We literally just got our dining table and chairs in the last couple days!  I hope you enjoy the pics below! 




  1. This looks very festive like for Halloween! I love the burlap runner and all your fun decorations and the lights look amazing! Congrats on your remodel. How fun!
    Planning on hanging out and handing out treats to all the kiddo's that come to the door. My kids are all gone from home but we LOVE the neighbor kids that all come over and our friends that have little ones..they stop by for treats and stay for hot cocoa and apple cider. Fun evening:)
    Have a great night and Happy Halloween Melanie!
    Sherrie K

  2. Your table looks awesome! Super fun and spooky! I am having a big Halloween party! I have spent most of today cooking because I have to work tomorrow! We will be lighting the fire pit, trick or treating and eating lots! Have a spooky Halloween!

  3. The witches hat makes a fabulous centrepiece,just love how you've decorated your table.We had a party on Saturday,so a quiet night for us tonight.
    Happy Halloween.
    Jayne x

  4. All of you have such fun nights planned! Carri - I hope the Halloween party goes well, it sounds like you have been busy! Sherri - I want some hot cocoa and apple cider too! :) Jayne - Enjoy your quiet night!

  5. Your table is wonderful. I hope your night is just as wonderful.
    Hugs, Pam at

  6. Your table is so fun & festive for Halloween! :)

  7. Your table looked so amazing for Halloween, Melanie! I love the decorations and I absolutely love the actual table and chairs! So beautiful!! :)