Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Blessed Day & Some Exciting News!!!

My day yesterday was a truly blessed day!  I apologize in advance for the long post, but I just need to tell you all about it!!!  Ok, here it goes:

The first thing that put a smile on my face was when I received a fun surprise from an old friend.  She sent me a cute little stuffed animal that we used to share when I worked with her.  She is so thoughtful and I just love her fun spirit! 

In the afternoon, I went to Starbucks to get my favorite hot chocolate (with a shot of caramel - you need to try this if you haven't - so, so, so, delicious) because it was a cold day in Minnesota.  To my surprise, the person in the car in front of me at the drive-thru paid for my hot chocolate.  Why?  Here is the letter I received from this wonderful person:

"Hi! You don't know me, but I've just paid for your order. No gimmicks - it's just something I felt like doing. I heard about people doing things for others on the radio station KTIS at 98.5 on the dial. They call it "the drive thru difference." Maybe you'll feel like doing it for someone else! I hope this encourages you today!! Signed, the stranger in the car ahead of you."

Later in the evening, I was checking blogger and noticed that I won, not ONE, but TWO of the giveaways during the Creative Charms Farewell Hop!!!  I am so excited!  I love, love, love Creative Charms!!!

And finally, my super, uber, exciting news!  To my surprise, I saw the latest issue of GingerScrapStreet Magazine and there was my Cabin Memories Shadow Box!!!  I have been published!!!  I am so excited and can't thank K Andrew at Getting Cricky enough for this wonderful surprise!  She inspires me and is such a wonderful person.  You must check out her blog if you aren't already following her!  You can check out my project in the magazine here

I will pay this blessed day forward.  I will definitely be buying some one's drive-thru order and maybe do this two or three times this week!

Thanks for letting me share my day with you all.  May you all have a very blessed day!


  1. So nice when nice things happen to brighten your day and it's even better when it happens on a Monday! :) I love doing that at Starbucks! Just did it yesterday as a matter of fact when I went to pick up some gift cards and a little frappe for me! :)

    Hope today is just as good as yesterday!


  2. WoW! What a great day you had! I have never had a Starbucks coffee.
    I sent you a email about the Hero Blog Hop, thanks for stopping by.
    Hummer Hugs,
    hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

  3. WoW!! Congrats on being published. That is awesome :)
    It is always nice to see there are good people out their that like to pay if forward.
    Hope today is as great as yesterday.

  4. Oh, Melanie! This is my first time visiting your blog...and what an uplifting post! Congratulations on your recent good fortune!

  5. Melanie! That was definitely a blessed day! God is amazing! And I'm so happy for all the blessing you have received and will receive!

  6. Mell Thanks for visiting!
    Congratulations on your achievements!
    Always be very blessed

  7. Sounds like you had a great day! Congrats on your nice surprizes!! Hugs!Dina

  8. What an awesome day and CONGRATS on getting published and your wins...and the free hot chocolate! Stop by my blog when you get a chance...I have an award for you :)


  9. WOW you did have an exciting day. Have you ever seen the movie Pay It Forward? If not you need to watch it, it is like your drive through experiance. My boys learned alot from it too. It truely is the little things in life that makes a difference for everyone.
    Thanks for sharing
    krazykcrafters at msn dot com

  10. What a BLESSED day you had. And it's so great that you are going to Pay It Forward! Super sweet. :)

  11. Mel, what good news, congrats on getting published. You really did have a good day. :)
    Hugs, Debi

  12. WOW, it sounds like quite a day!! Congrats and winning the giveaways and lucky you for the free coffee!! How awesome :)

  13. Oh, and HUGE congrats on getting pubbed!!1